Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend, 28-29 July, 2012

I actually wrote this one over the weekend, but I never posted it...Enjoy! :)

Yesterday (Saturday) was the first day that we didn't have classes. A lot of people moved out on Friday evening after the last class because they're done with the Young Actor's Summer School. I just assumed that all who came would automatically attend for at least two weeks. Others just left for the weekend to visit family and will be this tonight. Among these people is Lewis, my corridor mate. It's been awfully quiet without him around, but that's OK. I've been spending a lot of time with Pris. Yesterday morning, we both missed breakfast that's served here at the dorms, so we went on a quest to find scrumptious food in town. We ended up in the same strip mall where I ate at Yo Sushi. This time, there were SEVERAL little flea-market type stands set up. Now when I say "flea-market type", I don't mean just a couple apples and pies. These were huge vats of hot, delicious, and homemade food. There was ACTUAL Chinese food, Portuguese food, organic and gluten free stands, as well as jewelry and bookstores. I ended up buying Portuguese food, which, last time I checked, I've never had before. It was Pan Seared Potatoes and Cod with huge pieces of onion cooked down and this amazing mushroom sauce over rice. Needless to say, It was delicious!

After lunch, Pris and I ran into Allie, who was in my Romeo and Juliet group this past week. She's German and an amazing actress. We all went into this bookstore that's about a block from the dorms. I almost died when I saw their theatre and play section. It was ginormous! I ended up buying two monologue books and The Homecoming by Harold Pinter.

Me and Allie....and Michael Ball...and Imelda Staunton
That night, Allie and I went and saw Sweeney Todd on the West End starring Michael Ball as Sweeney. Yes, Michael Ball. As in the 10th/25th anniversary of Le Mis concert "Marius" Michael Ball. Whenever he would open his mouth to sing, I think I died a little inside of happiness. "Epiphany", which is probably my favorite song in the entire musical, was superb. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. All in all, the show is pretty haunting. Amongst the deafening train whistles and ridiculously strong and intense ensemble singing, "Swing your razor wide, Sweeney!", I kept wondering whether or not I'd be able to sleep once we got back to the halls. Even on the walk/tube ride back to the halls, I was checking every street corner for Toby or Judge Turpin and clinging onto Allie like a crazed child. I'll never forget my first West End show :)

Today was slow moving, but jam-packed. I woke up slightly late and went and jumped on Pris to get her up for breakfast. After breakfast, we woke up (OK, more like pounced on) Canadian Sam. We actually forgot which room he was in, so we had reception call him and tell him that he had "friends" looking for him. We ran up to his room and pounced on him. It's kind of gotten to the point where we all don't really care who's all in our rooms at one given time; we're all pretty nonchalant about personal space (aren't ALL theatre people like that?).

We hung all around Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown for the afternoon, just tube hopping to our hearts' content. We ate posh Belgian flourless cake and then had a sudden craving for we went. Believe it or not, British fast food is like a restaurant experience. The food is less salty with less fat; it wasn't really that bad! We were really tired after about four hours of roaming, so we came back to the dorms and met all of the new RADA students that just moved in. There's a lot of people from France this time around...interesting.

I'm suddenly feeling a little sad. I'm really gonna miss the few who left for good this weekend. They are so incredibly talented and I can't wait to see them again...sometime in the future :)

Until tomorrow friends!

Belgian chocolate, flourless cake....sooooooo good.  
Me and Pris :P


  1. From Nana:

    Dear Tiff - Our church sings this song and in prayer this morning, it just started ringing in my spirit:


    We are praying for you precious one - for the peace that surpasses your understanding; for your needs to be met, for your protection (spirit, soul and body), and for your joy - JOY UNSPEAKABLE!! PaPa and I are sooooo proud of you and happy for you!

    lv u mucha much,

  2. Hello Daughter Person,

    I can only imagine that you are filled with a great mix of emotions with Friday only 2 days away and a whole new adventure awaiting you this weekend and the next 2 weeks. I love you!

    Mother Person :-)

  3. OK - so I tried to post this earlier in the week and it failed, but Peyton will kill me if I don't say --- Hi FANNY! :)

    Shelby was at the show last night, as were so many of my other babies. They all send their love and Shelby can't wait to talk to you about GovSchool. She is SO excited.

    I know today is a sad day for you and your new friends, but try to remember there is more in store. Love you more! :)